Building Lives Through Online Education. Your future depends on creating a solid academic foundation. Let Allied National High School provide you with a better online high school option. This is "Education on Your Terms!"

Allied National High School uses social networking to connect with our students, parents, and larger school community. We do so using Facebook and Linked In.  It makes sense for an online school to reach its community where they are comfortable; online of course!

Facebook has been especially popular among students, and prospective students. Information about our accreditation visits, student achievement, links to our newsletter, and even riddles and jokes are shared using this forum. It is easy to connect with our students on Facebook because they are already so comfortable using the website, so it is natural for them to also communicate with their school this way. 

Social Networking allows us to connect with our school community in an informal setting.  It also helps to strengthen our sense of school community and awareness about the different programs offered. Student and parents often post on our Facebook wall to share their positive experiences, or ask for more information on our program. 

We hope to continue to cultivate our social network presence, and use it as a quick and efficient means of communicating with our school community. We invite you to join the fun by connecting with us on Linked In and liking our Facebook page.

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