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A Subject Per Day
Are you having a difficult time figuring out a solution for your son or daughter who is not thriving in the traditional school environment?  While there are many wonderful schools throughout the United States, there are instances where a student needs an alternative.    

Consider these questions while you are exploring options:
1.       Does your son or daughter
a.       have a need to study at different hours than the traditional setting offers? 
b.      need a challenging environment that also offers flexible scheduling?
c.       have a desire to get a part-time job?
d.      wish to complete high school earlier than a traditional environment may allow?
e.      have an interest in focusing more on academics?
f.       have a need for a fresh start?

Allied National High School is a fully accredited, 100% online high school with:
1.       * Highly qualified teachers experienced with online learning, and who provide specific feedback on every homework assignment.
2.       *A high school counselor who provides scheduling support, academic guidance, college /career planning and crisis intervention.
3.       * A caring and supportive administrative staff that is here to help you and your son/daughter all the way from enrollment to completion of required credits.
4.       * The ability to meet the needs of many types of students! 

Some examples of students who thrive at ANHS:
Here are some examples of students who come to ANHS and do extremely well because our program offers them an  experience an opportunity to experience flexibility and freedom, and offers both General and College Preparatory Diploma Paths:
1.       * Students who enjoy academics but are looking for an environment with less distractions
2.       * Students who have to move or travel often
3.       * Students who have a need for flexibility while exploring other pursuits
4.       * Students who are performers and need the ability to work at different hours than a traditional setting will allow. 
5.       * Students who would like to stay at home to complete their diploma. 
6.       * Students who have learning challenges - we can serve most students with special needs and support them in academic success through curriculum accommodations and modifications

How Does The ANHS Program Work?
We have found that many students benefit from simplicity in structure here at Allied National High School.  While many are accustomed to working on several subjects each day, our program provides an opportunity to take a different approach.  Our suggested “Subject A Day” method works very well within our Regular Grading system, and has been of help to many families!  Here’s a sample schedule:

US History
Lesson 1


Lesson 1

Algebra 2

Lesson 1

Spanish 2

Tarea 1


Lesson 1

How does this schedule work? 
In a nutshell, a student can work about 5 hours a day, 5 days a week and stay on track to complete each semester course within approximately 4.5 months (less in some cases).  Of course each student is unique, and while one student will complete an English assignment in 4 hours, another may take 5.  Fortunately, our program offers this flexibility, and a student can break up their studies throughout the day.  For example, a student can complete the reading portion of their assignment from 10 am to 12 pm, and take a break, return to their assignment and the online portion from 2-4 pm, and perhaps finish the assignment from 6-7 pm, submit the assignment for grading, and take the quiz.  Since there are no set classroom hours, the parent and student can work with our high school counselor to create their own structure.  A steady and consistent effort to complete 1 assignment in 1 subject each day simplifies the whole process of completing required credits for graduation. 

Why does this work well? 
Parents, you can monitor progress easily!  You can simply ask your son or daughter if they have completed their homework assignment for that day’s designated subject area.  We also provide you with Observer Access so you can monitor progress, view teacher feedback and check grades.
Students, if you work steadily each day, 4-5 hours a day, you can stay right on track to complete your required credits.  Also, when you have completed your subject assignment on that particular day, you can rest easy and know that you have completed your work and feel a sense of accomplishment. 
This isn’t to say it will be easy!  Our program is academically designed to help students learn, grow and ultimately prepare them for their future, whether it is a vocation, career or attending college/university.  However, this approach can keep things simple – so you can focus on one task, break it up into parts, and achieve your end result.   
One Subject Each Day…

Contact ANHS for more details – 800-968-4034

Parents, Counselors, & School Administrators:  Now that the first half of school has passed, have you given any thought to helping your students recover credits, improve their GPA, or create space in their schedule for the fall? 

Why wait for May or June to roll around to help students get ahead?  Many Summer School programs fill up, or have enrollment deadline dates.  Many students want to enjoy part of their summer break.  Why get caught in the “mad dash” that often occurs for Summer School when there is a viable alternative?

There are a number of things that you can do to plan ahead.

First, high school counselors are the best resource.  We encourage you to seek advice from the professional who can help you.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can prepare yourself for a phone call with the Counselor or Administrator at the student’s school of record, and how you can proceed from there:

1.       Speak with the student’s high school counselor or administrator about their academic needs.
a.       Does the student need to improve a grade in a single course?  If so, which specific course or courses? English 10A?  Algebra 1B?  Get clear on the details and why. 
b.      For college-bound students, does the student need to take an additional semester course to increase their GPA for college application or graduation purposes?
c.       Or would the student benefit from working on a credit that would create space in their schedule in the fall so they can add a drama class or special class of interest? 

2.       Ask the high school counselor or school official what the criteria is for what is known as a “transfer of credit”, or “single course for credit”.  Ultimately, you will want the course your student takes to be transferred back to their full-time high school’s transcript, so be sure to find out what is acceptable to them.   More questions to ask:
a.       What type of regional accreditation is needed?  i.e., WASC, SACS, NCA, etc.?
b.      Does the school offering the individual course need to be in a brick and mortar setting, or does the school of record allow online courses?  Online courses offer more flexibility for you and the student, so this is good information to know.

3.       Find out which schools, programs and courses are available, and start your research early – some programs are limited to a certain number of students, some courses are not available, and some have strict entry deadlines and attendance requirements.   

4.       When speaking with a school you are considering for a course or two for credit, ask as many questions as you need to!
a.       What type of accreditation and approvals does the school have?  Can you find it on their website and independently verify that they are regionally accredited?  
b.      Schools offering courses will very often have a process for you to follow in order to ensure that the course will be transferred for credit.  What are the forms that need to be completed?
c.       How does their program work?  Is it online?  Are there set days & times for classes, or is the schedule flexible?  Are there teachers, and what are their qualifications?  What is the required teacher response time?  What type of student progress reporting and support is available?  Will the school send you progress reports and also keep the school administrator updated, if that is what is requested?
d.      Can the school support you in determining how long the course will take, how many hours per week the student must work, and assist you in expediting the mailing of the final transcript to the student’s school of record?
e.      Does the school offer payment plans, or is all tuition required up front?  Can they work with you if you have a budgeting concern?
f.        Is a representative of the school willing to answer any questions you have and assist you in the enrollment process?  Very often, the first phone call will tell you a great deal about what you need to know and the ongoing experience you and your student will have.

Fortunately, there’s a great solution: Allied National High School!

Allied National High School enrolls students year-round, is regionally and nationally accredited.  We are 100% online, have payment plans, and offer two types of grading to accommodate a variety of start dates and completion deadlines.  You can enroll your student right now, and have them “ease” into the course they need to complete, then accelerate once the school year has finished.  This may give them some time they didn’t anticipate having available to enjoy their summer break. 

Enrolling early may also relieve some of the pressure students can feel if they start a summer school session in June or July.  Additionally, students who enjoy other activities can still do so with ANHS, as they can work through a course during whatever hours work best for them.  Yes, a teen can still go to the beach with their friends during the day and do their studies at night… and parents don’t have to drive them to class, either!

Call us today at 800-968-4034 to speak with one of our Admissions counselors.

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